Shrove Tuesday

Hey Guys, It’s Madi,

Today was Shrove Tuesday, where we make pancakes for the start of lent,there are different ways to celebrate in different countries like in Italy they celebrate it and call it Carnivale, so here’s a bit about it in Australia:

  • Many Australians make and share pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.
  • Selling pancakes to raise money for a charity is a great activity for kids and adults.
  • Some churches, work places and charities do Pancake Day events by making pancakes and selling them.
  • Money from these events goes to charities to help the homeless, the poor, the sick, families that don’t earn enough to support their families and for families going thorugh tough times with domestic violence and other bad things that happened.
  • Pancake Day events may also include pancake tossing races.

During lent we:

  • Pray for the people in need.
  • Do something good and do random acts of kindness.
  • Choose a food to fast from (not eat for the whole of lent)
  • We celebrate Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter Sunday and Pentecost.


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