Book Review – OAG Meet Grace

Reading – Book Review/Report:

Name: Our Australian Girl – Grace – All Of The Books

Author: Sofie Laguna

Description: It’s 1808 and a 11 year old girl called Grace who lives with her Uncle Ord, and works as a mudlark in England, then life begins to go tough, her Uncle Ord tells her that he hates her and didn’t want to look after her no more, the next day she was so hungry she stole an apple or two or a few more and steals a horse that looked so hungry she had to spare a apple to the horse. The next thing she knows it she riding the horse away, but then police chase after her and the next thing she knows it that she gets sent to prison. Getting shipped to Australia isn’t the best thing in that day, it’s a punishment but of course Grace ended up going on the 6 month boat trip, there she meets a girl called Hannah and her adventure and work begins. This story is a inspiration to young women and shows that they are just as equal to men.

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