100 Word Challenge: Fluffy Unicorns

Now before I start the story I would like to say honestly it is over 100 words instead it is 160 words so here it is:

‘Recently I booked a flight to California, and today is the day.’ Mrs Fluffy Unicorn Person said to the flight attendant. ‘Just make sure to be careful because on this plane you’re going on have some magical surprises’ said the flight attendant. ‘Sounds good, after all Unicorn is my first name’ boasted Mrs Fluffy Unicorn Person. As she stepped on the plane she pulled along her 150 cats to come with her. The plane started when she got seated. As I was flying through the skies then when I looked out of the plane window I saw a fluffy unicorn through the window. I ran to the door of the flight, opened it and jumped out ‘AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY DID I DO THIS’ I screamed to myself. As I went down, like it was skydiving, hundreds of feet per second, then the first thing she heard, KA SPLAT, onto a random trampoline in the middle of no where. THE END!

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