My Thoughts Of Plastic Bags

Did you know that if you tied all the plastic bags in Australia together you could possibly wrap it around the world 25 whole times? Yes that is how many we have in Australia, and thats not including the other countries of the world’s usage. Plus the plastic bags that we use only get used once, and we use 4 billion of them each year.


But do you honestly know how those 4 billion plastic bags are made and what are they even made out of? Well actually they are made out of a gas that you can burn to make Polyethylene (a plastic), which when in the factories where they make them it creates greenhouse gases such as smoke, methane etc.


Polyethylene takes years and years to break down, then how do we get the 4,000,000,000 of the bags in Australia to break down, let alone the other 100,000,000,000 in the world to break down too. And an estimated 3.5 Million pieces of plastic enter the ocean every single day.
Plastic bags harm animals, like in 2000 a whale was dying on a beach and once it was dead they found 6 metres worth of plastic in the whale’s stomach. Overall I think we should stop making theses stupid plastic bags, they harm our earth, they kill our animals and they contaminate the seas the seas.


All imformation from 2009 records.

One thought on “My Thoughts Of Plastic Bags

  1. Hi Madi,

    This is a really serious issue you have highlighted. I feel like our human society is trying to do something about it, but do you think we need to do more? What ideas do you have around reducing the plastic bags in the world?

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