Training for Inter-School Sports

Hey Guys, It’s Madi,

So this week I’ve been training for INTER-SCHOOL SPORTS:

I got into discus, in training I threw a 15.80m.

I am super excited and the competition is next week on friday.

So good luck everyone,



3 thoughts on “Training for Inter-School Sports

  1. Hi Madi,
    This is Stephanie from Stephanie’s smart blog. I wanted to see your blog. Your blog is beautiful but funny. Wow love the hamburgers. That’s so cool that your doing the student blogging challenge too.

    See you later Madi.

  2. Hi Madi,
    This is Lyta. Some of my friends have been getting comments from you and they told me your blog was awesome. And they were right, it is. I like the hamburgers. So cute! I’m also doing the student blogging challenge. Here’s a link to my blog if you want to check it out.


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