Week 6 Activity 8

Hey People,

For Week 6 it is: Let’s work then play. So I chose activity 8 which it choose a relaxing image and write a poem about it so here it is:

The ideal seaside series 2 Pulpolux !!! via Compfight


Hang loose

Incredibly Relaxed


Loosen up


One thought on “Week 6 Activity 8

  1. Hi Madi-

    I’m more relaxed already. This photo gets me excited to head to the beach this summer for our family vacation. The best part is there’s a four-wheel drive beach so we can drive our top-down Jeep all over the dunes searching for the wild horses that live there. So fun! Thanks for sharing out this photo.

    What do you plan to write about this week? Animals? Do you have a favorite animal?

    Keep on blogging!
    Mrs. Rombach from VA, your friendly blogging mentor

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