Week 9: Animal Cruelty – Yulin Festival

Every year in Southern China around 10,000 dogs are taken from their families for the Annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival where they get boiled alive, skinned alive, set on fire, put in small cages, get a rope around their neck attached to a car and all around tortured.


I believe this is wrong to do:The Gang

  1. They have feelings and souls, you should not do that to a dog, dogs love their owners more than they love themselves.
  2. They are living creatures, they breathe air, they drink water, they eat food and they live, they are like us humans but they communicate differently.
  3. Dogs give you companionship and love but some people don’t give it back.

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One thought on “Week 9: Animal Cruelty – Yulin Festival

  1. Wow!
    Madi, I had no idea about this festival until you and a few other students in class were talking about it. I agree with everything you have written here about why this is wrong. I know human beings have some bizarre rituals and beliefs but one that inflicts un-necessary suffering on other living creatures should be stopped immediately.

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