Beyond the Autumn Mist 2015 School Concert

Last week our whole school had a Production/Concert called Beyond the Autumn Mist.  It is about a Dragon named Puff, with his wagon of string, wax and of course fancy stuff. He left his cave and went through a tiring journey of finding a fairytale where he belongs.

After all the devotion and commotion Puff found a place where he belonged, with the fairytale folk in their fairytale land. Our class dance was Rapunzel and we also had a all Seniors dance called ‘The Single Ladies’. My favourite bit was the teachers dance which they ‘danced’ to a song from the Movie Shrek.

I had the role of Cinderella’s Evil Step Mother and since the lights were so bright when I was screaming (at Cinderella) I couldn’t see further than the fifth row. Also in my lines Cinderella gave me a ‘Hot Cup of Sand’ it was actually a cup with concrete in it.

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