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Hey Guys,

So for a part of challenge 1 we had to do a About Me Page so here it is:

  1. My name is Madison (Madi to you)
  2. I am a year 6.
  3. I play netball.
  4. I have two cats (Whiskers and Koshka) and two dogs (Molly and Barky Bob (only Bob).
  5. I like kinda maths (don’t go to the conclusion that I actually like school – I honestly don’t, really).
  6. I have a buddy at school called Annie she is very cute (buddies are like year preps and the year 6s get some each to look after.
  7. I can do a cartwheel YAY (like that will get me anywhere in life).
  8. Don’t call me a geek but I do play Minecraft, my username is Madwick – My name and my cat’s name combined)
  9. My favourite food is… Roast Lamb (yummy yummy in my tummy).
  10. And lastly I like to perform also I am a Arts Leader at my school (arts leader is like singing, dancing, performing etc.).

So I hope you enjoyed reading my post on About Me,

See ya next time,





Also here is the blog for all the challenges to keep up to date with what’s happening!


One thought on “About Madi

  1. Hi Madi-

    I enjoyed visiting your blog. The layout is colorful and inviting, and your PowToons presentation was really fun to watch. Thanks for sharing out your list on this All About Me page. I’m not a big fan of roast lamb, but I do enjoy barbecued pork–the smokier and spicier, the better.

    I’m pleased to introduce myself as your newly assigned Student Blogging Challenge mentor. I’m a sixth grade English teacher from Virginia. I’d love to have you stop by our class blog and say hello.

    Mrs. Rombach

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